Very few water quality issues concern people as much as arsenic, but even if your water has arsenic it can be made safe for drinking. There are several different options available for arsenic depending on how much arsenic is in your water and how much you want to remove.

Some people have their plumber install point of use reverse osmosis water filtration at the sinks they plan on drinking from. This is a economical way of getting safe drinking water, but only removes arsenic from a small quantity of water at a time

The other option is arsenic trap filters. These filters, ranging in size from mount on the wall cartridge filters to freestanding media filters, trap the arsenic and store it for later disposal. The length of time between services and disposal will range greatly based on arsenic levels and water consumption. These filters will filter all the water in your house so every sink shower appliance has clean water. Please call Rogue Valley Pump for price quotes and questions about arsenic filtration.