Ultra Violet Light Filtration
Many wells have low levels of bacteria. This water can be treated safely and easily with ultra violet light filtration. UV filters use a two part system to provide safe drinking water. First the water is filtered through a string or cartridge filter (similar to the air filter in your car). This filtered water is then passed by an ultra violet light that destroys the bacteria, resulting in safe chemical free drinking water. It is important to properly size and maintain your UV filtration system to ensure water safety. At Rogue Valley Pump Service we have installed hundreds of UV filters. Call us for a free estimate or for more answers about ultra violet and other filtration.


Chlorine Injection Pump

Chlorine has long been used in municipal water systems to ensure safe bacteria free drinking water. Chlorinators for residential and commercial well systems are a great way to do the same thing for your own water.

Chlorinators require
A batch tank, (to mix the concentrated chlorine in)
A chlorine pump (to pump the concentrated chlorine into the water line)
An injection point (for the concentrated chlorine) and
Contact tanks of sufficient size to allow the chlorine long enough to sterilize the water before it gets to your home.

Rogue Valley Pump has designed and maintains many chlorine injection systems for residential and commercial use. If you are interested in chlorine systems contact Rogue Valley Pump for a free estimate at 541-474-7877

Note: chlorine removal filtration is also available for those who desire the safety of chlorinated water without the downside of chlorine taste