Residential Pump Systems

At Rogue Valley Pump we pride ourselves on selling the best quality products at the best possible prices.

A Traditional Water System consists of two parts. A Pump, typically a submersible pump installed in the well, and a pressure tank above ground. We proudly sell *Flint and Walling pumps. Still made in America these pumps outperform almost every pump on the market and are made to last for years and years. Check them out at Flint and Walling.

water pump pressure tank
water pressure tank

Submersible pumps come in many different Gallon Per Minute Sizes and Horsepower ratings. We have pumps that range from ½ hp to 10hp, from 5gpm to 100gpm. We have installed these pumps in 20′ deep hand dug wells, all the way to 1000′ deep drilled wells. No matter what your water situation, Rogue Valley Pump will find the right pump for your job.

Our WellRite pressure tanks are the best in the market, available in both steel, and fiberglass construction, with regular maintenance these tanks should last you 15+ Years.

With quality products correctly sized and installed by Rogue Valley Pump Service professionals, your water system should be trouble-free for many years.

*If you are interested in more water pressure combined with energy savings check out our constant pressure pump systems. Or if you have a specific brand of pump you like we also install Grundfos, Gould, and Franklin electric products.