Solar Pumps

At Rogue Valley Pump Service we do work on solar pumps. From emergency systems with independent solar panels to daily use systems tied into your battery backups, solar-powered pump systems are becoming more dependable, more economical, and more popular. Every solar job is unique. Call us for more information or to schedule an onsite inspection and bid. Call today for a free estimate at 541-474-7877.



Irrigation Pumps

Do you have access to river water, or possibly a creek or pond? Maybe there is an irrigation ditch that runs through your backyard. Irrigation pumps are a great way to inexpensively water your landscaping. At Rogue Valley Pump Service we can help you design, repair, or maintain your irrigation pump system. Call us today at 541-474-7877

Jet Pumps Systems

Before there were submersible pumps there were jet pumps.

A jet pump operates from above ground first drawing the water out of your well and then pushing the water to your house. Jet pumps have not been regularly installed in this area since the mid-’80s but there are still many of them out there. They last a long time and in shallow well applications, they are a good option for household pump systems. At Rogue Valley Pump we can work on most jet pumps and we can also offer quotes on upgrading that old jet pump to a submersible pump system.


Removing your old jet pump and installing a new submersible can be an excellent way to increase water volume and pressure to your home, adding comfort and value. Call 541-474-7877 for your free Jet Pump conversion bid.