Real Estate Tests (Bacteria, Nitrate, Arsenic)

Bacteria (water purity), Nitrate, and Arsenic are the three main wear tests required for most real estate sales.

The Bacteria test is a pass/fail test covering both Coliform and E.Coli Bacteria.

Many older wells do not pass this test the first time and need to be chlorinated to sterilize the well, then retested.

If chlorinating does not get rid of the bacteria then either Ultra Violet Light filtration or Chlorine injection systems can be used to make the water safe for drinking.

Nitrate is a compound formed when nitrogen combines with oxygen. It occurs often in nature when nitrogen in the air reacts with oxygen or ozone. It is produced by plants and animals and is a common ingredient in smoke and exhaust. Naturally occurring levels of nitrate in surface and groundwater do not generally exceed 2mg/L. Water with less than 10mg/L is generally safe for use in foods and beverages. Sources of elevated nitrate levels include fertilizers, septic systems, animal feedlots, and industrial wastes. It also occurs naturally in certain geological settings and can result from decaying organic matter.

Heating or boiling water containing nitrate will not remove the nitrate, but may actually concentrate it. Mechanical filters or chemical disinfection, such as chlorination, do not remove nitrate from water. Nitrate may be successfully removed by using treatment processes such as ion exchange, distillation, and reverse osmosis. These treatment techniques require careful maintenance and sampling to achieve and confirm the effective operation.

Arsenic is the third required test. Naturally occurring arsenic is occasionally detected on well tests, but can be filtered to provide safe drinking water. Check out our information on arsenic testing or call Rogue Valley Pump Service for questions and pricing.