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Water and well testing

Real Estate Water Testing

Ensure your real estate transaction meets safety standards with our comprehensive water tests. Bacteria, Nitrate, and Arsenic are the three key tests required for most sales.

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Our Bacteria test covers both Coliform and E.Coli Bacteria, essential for assessing water purity. For older wells that may not pass initially, our chlorination process sterilizes the well, followed by retesting. If needed, we offer Ultra Violet Light filtration or Chlorine injection systems to ensure your water is safe to drink.


Nitrate, a common compound in nature, poses health risks at elevated levels. Our tests detect nitrate sources like fertilizers or industrial waste, and we provide effective treatment options such as ion exchange or reverse osmosis.


Arsenic, though occasionally detected in wells, can be filtered for safe drinking water. Explore our arsenic testing information or contact Rogue Valley Pump Service for expert advice and pricing.

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