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Water And Well Testing

Well Flow Tests

Are you involved in a real estate transaction? Most lenders require a flow test as part of the loan conditions. At Rogue Valley Pump Service, we conduct thorough 4-hour well flow tests performed by licensed well testers to meet bank requirements.

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How A Flow Test Works

During the test, we measure the output of the well every 15 minutes over a 4-hour period to determine its flow rate. This test is typically paid for by the buyer and is essential for ensuring the well meets the minimum flow requirements set by banks, with the most common requirement being 5 gallons per minute.

It’s important to note that a well flow test may not always provide an accurate measurement of your well’s total water production. If you have a high-producing well, we can only measure the output of the pump, not the actual output of the well itself. For instance, if your well produces 15 gallons per minute but your pump only yields 10 gallons per minute, the well flow test would only show 10 gallons per minute every 15 minutes for the duration of the test. To get an idea of your well’s production at the time of drilling, old drilling reports are often available.

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