Well Flow Tests

Most real estate transactions require a flow test as part of the loan conditions. In order to meet most bank requirements, a 4-hour well flow test must be done by a licensed well tester. This test is usually paid for by the buyer. We measure the output of the well every 15 minutes over a 4 hour period to determine what the flow rate of the well is. Talk to your real estate agent or loan officer to see what the minimum flow requirements are (most common is 5 gallons per minute).

Note: A well flow test will not always tell you how much water your well makes. If you have a high-producing well we can only measure the output of the pump not the actual output of the well. If you have a well that makes 15gpm and a pump that only makes 10gpm your well flow test would show 10gpm every 15minutes for 4 hours. You would not know if your well was 15gpm or 25gpm or more. Old drilling reports often available at http://apps.wrd.state.or.us/apps/gw/well_log/ can give you a good idea of the well production at the time of drilling. Call Rogue Valley Pump Service to book a well flow test or check out our price sheet.