Hand Pumps 

Worried about long-term power outages? The best way to guarantee you will always have water is with a hand powered water pump. A hand pump can easily be installed in your existing well along side your electric house pump. Rogue Valley Pump Service has been a leading installer of hand pumps in the Rogue Valley since 1996. We sell two different hand pumps each with it’s own advantages.


Baker Monitor Hand Pump

The Baker Monitor hand pump made of heavy-duty cast iron and weighing in at 80lbs is a 100 year old design that still works great today. These things are made to last. This is exactly what you picture in your mind when you think of a hand pump. Capable of going to 200’ this pump provides a lot of water per stroke. The monitor hand pump is capable of running hose to hose connections to pressurize your house system, but is specifically designed for filling buckets or drinking containers. If you want something that is backed by 100 years of reliability this is your hand powered water pump.

 Bison Stainless Steel Hand Pump

The Bison Stainless Steel hand pump is smaller than the Monitor, but no less heavy duty. Made of all stainless steel and with the option of stainless steel hand pump rod down the well, this pump is going to provide water for decades. The Bison Stainless Steel hand pump is ideal for the customer who wants a top of the line hand pump that is capable of building pressure to the house, fitting into tight well situations, and resisting corrosion. For quotes on either hand pump or to ask about our pitcher pumps designed for shallow well applications call Rogue Valley Pump Service today.