Price Sheet



Prompt Payment Discount

4 Hour Well Flow Test/w BNA

4 Hour Test Only

BNA Samples as part of a test (split billing)*

Samples only no well flow









Additional Services*


Generator Rental (no power for testing)

Top 30 Test (split billing/other party paying for Nitrate & Arsenic)

Top 30 Inc Nitrate & Arsenic

Chlorinate, Circulate, Flush and Re-Sample

Chlorinate, Circulate and Re-Sample (customer flush)

Rush Same Day Sample (if available)

4 Hour Flow, BNA On Empty Well (100′ or less)

4 Hour Flow, BNA On Empty Well (up to 300′)

4 Hour Flow, BNA On Empty Well Greater than 300′









Call For Estimate

*Unless specifically approved “Additional Services” are not eligible for payment through escrow