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Water Holding Tanks

Are you facing challenges with a low-producing well?

Even a modest output of 1 gallon per minute amounts to 1440 gallons in a day, provided it can be stored efficiently. Don’t let a low-producing well dampen your spirits. Let Rogue Valley Pump Service introduce you to the benefits of a holding tank system, allowing you to store water during periods of low demand and ensuring it’s readily available when needed.

Pump house with an underground water holding tank


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Our Holding Tanks

Underground water holding tank

2,000-Gallon Concrete Tanks

Buried underground for discreet storage and optimal space utilization.

large above ground water holding tank

3,500-Gallon Above-Ground Plastic Tanks

Ideal for properties where underground installation is not feasible or preferred.

Indoor Holding tank Icon

500-Gallon Tanks for Indoor Use

Perfect for garage or utility room installations, providing convenient access to stored water.

Why Choose Rogue Valley Pump Service

We pride ourselves on doing things differently, ensuring that our holding tank systems are designed with your needs in mind:

Brass Fittings

Inside our water holding tanks, we use brass fittings for durability and longevity, ensuring reliable performance for years to come.

Freeze-Proof Plumbing Solutions:

Our holding tank systems incorporate freeze-proof plumbing solutions to safeguard against cold weather conditions, preventing damage and ensuring uninterrupted water supply, even during winter months.

Maximized Usability with Minimized Maintenance

Our holding tank systems are engineered to maximize usability while minimizing maintenance and repair requirements. With Rogue Valley Pump Service, you can trust that your water holding tank installation will be hassle-free and built to last.

Contact Us for a Free Estimate

Ready to explore the benefits of a water holding tank for your property in Grants Pass, OR? Contact Rogue Valley Pump Service today at 541-474-7877 for your free estimate. We’re committed to being your trusted choice for water holding tanks in the Rogue Valley.

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