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Would you like the water pressure in your shower to be full power all the time? Maybe you need a constant 70psi for that big landscaping project? Our Constant Pressure Pump Systems are exactly what you are looking for. Not only do these systems provide great water pressure, but they are also more electrically efficient and in many cases less expensive than traditional pump systems.

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The Evolution of Constant Pressure Pump Systems

Constant pressure pump systems sometimes called variable speed pumps or variable frequency drives, are the largest advancement in home waters systems since the invention of the submersible pump.

The concept is simple, you have a pump that runs faster when you want more water and slower when you need less. A conventional pump has only one speed. Therefore a 10-gallon per minute pump will always pump 10 gallons per minute whether you are running 3 sprinklers or just one drip line. This is why traditional pump systems have large pressure fluctuations and large tanks to store the water you are pumping but not using. Constant pressure systems are different. These systems use a computer “drive” above ground to monitor how much water is being used and adjust the speed of the pump to match.

The result is a system that provides consistent pressure (no more large fluctuations) and is more efficient electrically (fewer starts and stops means less electricity usage.)

The cost of a constant pressure pump on a new system is often the same as, or in many cases less expensive than traditional pump systems. The reason for this is that although the computer drive is expensive, constant pressure systems do not require the large pressure tank that conventional systems do, and because of the energy-efficient nature of the variable speed motors, we can use smaller wires to run them. The cost savings of a smaller tank and smaller wire normally offsets the extra cost of the controller.

Upgrading your current system is a great way to get more water pressure as well as become more energy efficient. If your pump is old and you are considering replacing it, or if you just want better pressure while using less energy ask us about constant pressure options.

an indoor constant pressure system from Rogue River Pump Service
an outdoor constant pressure system from Rogue River Pump Service

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A constant pressure system is not right for every well or application, but often they are a great improvement over conventional systems. At Rogue Valley Pump Service, we have been installing these systems for the past 10 years. We all have them in our homes and we love them. We would be glad to answer any questions you have about constant pressure.

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