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Water Filtration

Hard Water (Calcium)

Are you tired of water spots on your favorite glasses or shower doors? Is there white buildup on your faucets and fixtures? It’s time to consider a water softener.

Hard water and calcium build up on a shower head


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Water Softeners

Water softeners utilize ion exchange to remove dissolved rock particles, particularly calcium and limestone, from your water. By eliminating these particles, water softeners prevent discoloration of stemware, clogging of showerheads, and reduce the inefficiency and lifespan of water-using appliances. Additionally, soft water is gentler on your skin and hair, providing a more enjoyable bathing experience.

While there are many water softeners available on the market, only a professional-quality water softener will truly deliver the results you desire. 

an ultraviolet light, a 20" bag filter, a water softener, an iron filter, and a polishing filter

(The picture includes an ultraviolet light, a 20″ bag filter, a water softener, an iron filter, and a polishing filter)

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